Moe Yamny, M.Sc.

Moe Yamny is aka Asmarina. The vision has never been to supply and sell off the shelf products based on trends and sales target commission. Asmarina builds fresh quality gaming PCs with the latest advance security hardware and software.

Where is the difference you may ask? Lets start with the name "Asmarina eConsulting". An eConsultant is a specific skill set that starts with a Masters Degree from Sunderland University UK and has a knowledge base built up over many years working with multinational corporations and small businesses as well as regular home users.

It is all about SOLVING YOUR IT PROBLEMS and working on clever solutions to help you more efficiently with time, effort and money. An efficient solution setup means a faster and more care free operation for you.

My advice to you is NOT to wait for a broken down computer or software problem, etc. It's a different experience when you buy a quality CUSTOM BUILT PC with the latest features and security protection designed to your needs by expert.

"Asmarina is not your average. Expect amazing solutions and support."

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