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Who we are

Welcome to Asmarina

We are a team of passionate people enjoying creating custom new IT solutions for individuals and businesses. Solving IT issues including hardware, software, mobile, network and infrastructure.



Pamela Fitzpatrick

Account and Contracts Manager

Pamela has over 15 years’ experience gained in Financial Services. With both a practical and innovative approach to problem-solving, Pamela brings a range of skills and attributes to the Asmarina team since 2006. Managing all business financial, accounting and contractors.

 My interests are of course accounting, and on a more social level, playing a number of team sports, especially Netball, where I played in the State Championships a number of times, coached and Umpires for over 40 years.


Moe Yamny
M.Sc. Sunderland University UK
Principal Systems Builder


My career highlights include:
Between 1993 and 1999 I worked as a programmer and system administrator in several companies in Saudi Arabia including Savola Group.

Between 2000 and 2001 I worked as a project leader in $20M servers implementation project at State Rail Corp Melbourne.

 I have been working at Asmarina eConsulting Services in Sydney Australia since 2002 as a system builder, consultant, or adviser to individual family and businesses.

Since 2006 through my Retail and Repair Centre in Lane Cove, I have been solving many types of I.T. issues and provide complete integrated and consistent solution for home and businesses across Australia.

Asmarina has many years of successful partnerships with leading technology providers including Microsoft, Intel, Seagate, Nvidia, Google, Asus, Netgear, Cisco, IBM, Quick Heal Security, TPG, TeamViewer, Acronis and Alloy Software.


My interest include computer games, sports football, tennis, car racing and fishing.

 I work directly with my clients , so I can be contacted through this website to make an appointment or to request a quote.

I make DIY videos in my spare time. You can find lots of new custom build, upgrade, repairs, solving computer problems, etc.


"Asmarina is not your average. Expect amazing solutions and support."